How To View and Download Pictures

Click on an ESA Photo set below (i.e., the year you want to view) and a set of "thumbnail" pictures will appear displayed 9 at a time. To advance to the next "thumbnail" set, click on [Next]. To advance to a specific page of 9 "thumbnail" pictures, click the appropriate number below the 9 picture set and listed to the right of "Page:". When you see a picture you want to view in detail, click on the "thumbnail" and the picture will come up to fill the screen. Click the Back Button (back arrow on the top left of your computer screen) to get back to the thumbnail view.

When you see a picture you want to download, Right Click on the thumbnail picture and a menu will show up with one choice that says "Save Link Target As" or "Save Target As." Click on the "Save Target As" and a new "Save As" menu will pop up directing you to your computer and where (i.e., in what folder on your computer) you want to save the picture. Choose the settings to obtain where you want to place the picture on your computer and click the Save button. Caution: if you choose "Save Picture As" instead of "Save Target As" you will only get the thumbnail size picture instead of the full picture.

ESA Photos