ESA 2008 Conference Presentations

Session A. Devices I

A1. M. Horenstein Electrostatic Micromirrors for Retro-Reflective Optical Communication - No Permission to record granted
A2. S. V. Karpov EFA Loudspeakers - Technical Problem During Recording
A3. J. R. Robison Computer Simulation of Electrodynamic Screens for Mars Dust Mitigation - Technical Problem During Recording
A4. B. P. Seaver Analysis of a Novel Electrostatic Particle Display Device - Technical Problem During Recording

Session B. Materials Processing

B1. F. C. Lai Drying of Partially Wetted Materials with Corona Wind and Auxiliary Heat - Technical Problem During Recording
B2. Cancelled 
B3. I. Ramirez Study of Laser Ablation and Mechanical Properties of Silicone Rubber Nanocomposites - Technical Problem During Recording

Session C. Breakdown and Discharge I

C1. C. Buhler New Techniques to Evaluate the Incendiary Behavior of Insulators
C2. L. Zhao Numerical Simulation of Corona Discharge in Compressed Gases with the Effect of EHD Flow - Technical Problem During Recording
C3. T. Asokan Electrical Discharge Characteristics of 1-D Plane Electrodes

Session D. Conductors

D1. J. M. Crowley Force on a charged conducting sphere near a conductor - Technical Problem During Recording
D2. C. F. Gallo Work Function of Metals: Correlation Between Classical Model and Quantum
D3. K. Sakai An experimental result which confirms the fourth electrostatic force
D4. A. E. Seaver Some Comments on the Charge Decay Paradox in Metals

Session E. Flows

E1. S. V. Karpov  Modeling of electrohydrodynamic flow with COMSOL
E2. J. Zhang Electric Field in a Rectangular Channel with an Electrohydrodynamic Gas Pump
E3. Cancelled

Session F. Atmospheric and Space Applications

F1. Keynote Lecture: N. O. Renno Electric activity and dust lifting on Earth, Mars, and beyond
F2. S. J. Snyder Triboelectric Charging of Dust and its Relation to Organic Degradation on Mars

Session G. Particles I

G1. M. D. Hogue Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) of Triboelectrically charged Particles: Revised Experiments
G2. N. Toljic Determination of Particle Charge to Mass Ratio in Electrostatic Applications: A Brief Review - Technical Problem During Recording
G3. J. W. Stark Measurements of Electrostatic charge and Aerodynamic Diameter of Sub-Micron Particles by the ESPART Analyzer

Session H. Devices II

H1. C. Buhler Electrostatic Precipitation in nearly pure Gaseous Nitrogen
H2. M. C. Zaretsky Electrostatic Assist Using a Patterned Backing Roller for Slide Hopper Coating
H3. R. Sundararajan A Compact high Voltage Nanosecond Pulse Generator

Session I. Materials Interfaces

I1. H. Ishihara Control of Surface Charge Density of Microtoner for High Resolution Imaging
I2. K. Robinson Voltage Diffusion in an Insulating Sheet with a Conductive Layer - Part 1: Equivalent Circuit Model
I3. J. Szafraniec Voltage Diffusion in an Insulating Sheet with a Conductive Layer - Part 2: FEM Model and Experimental Results

Session J. Breakdown and Discharge II

J1. O. I. Kondratov Application of a breakable micro-discharger for improvement of lightning protection
J2. P. Gefter Double side charging of glass substrates
J3. T. Asokan Partial Discharge Characteristics of Micro-gaps
J4. W. A. Dela Cruz A Case of Arcing Damage at Wafer Saw and Wash Process Caused by Polyimide Thinning and Removal on RF device and how it was solved

Session K. Environmental Applications

K1. M. K. Mazumder Interfacial Charge Transfer in Photo-electrochemical Generation of Hydrogen from Water
K2. S. V. Karpov EFA air disinfection using Kronos based air purifiers
K3. T. Yamamoto Pilot-Scale NOx Removal from Boiler Emission Using Plasma-chemical Process

Session L. Materials: Contact Electrification

L1.Keynote Lecture: B. A. Grzybowski Contact electrification: Mechanism(s) and Applications - Technical Problem During Recording
L2. A. R. Akande Annealing effects on the charge transfer in metal/polymer contact

Session M. Particles II

M1. Keynote Lecture: G. S. P. Castle Contact Charging Between Particles: Some Current Understanding
M2. M. T. Carvajal Contribution of electrostatic interactions to the dispersion of powders for inhalation
M3. K. Forward Triboelectric Charging of Binary Granular Mixtures due solely to Particle-Particle Interactions

Session N. Biological Applications

N1. R. Sundararajan Enhanced Drug uptake in Normal and Malignant cell lines using Electrical Pulses
N2. R. J. Prance Biological and medical applications of a new electric field sensor
N3. L. J. Gagliardi Electrostatic Force in Furrowing of Biological Cells

Session O. Applications to Space Exploration

O1. C. I. Calle Dust Particle Removal by Electrostatic and Dielectrophoretic Forces with Applications to NASA Exploration Missions
O2. J. Bock An Efficient Power Management Approach for Self-Cleaning Solar Panels with Integrated Electrodynamic Screens
O3. L. Zhao Numerical and Experimental Studies of the Electrohydrodynamic Pump for Sampling System on Mars - Technical Problem During Recording