Brian P. Seaver
Founder, President
Nesperd Engineering
Location: Woodbury, MN

Contact Information
Phone: (651) 788-2041


Home of Electrostatic Simulation Specialists

What we do
We specialize in developing New Energy Specific Products based on Environmentally-friendly yet Researchable Development. Our goal is to apply basic physics principles to the understanding of new or previously unexplained phenomena and apply the results to create new products related to either the creation or storage of electrical energy. We see the world as composed of solids, liquids and gases with each material having some free electrons that can be used to create materials of varying electrical properties. To develop new products we use the principles of electrostatics and apply a mathematical analysis to the operation and then optimize these electrostatic interactions to create the new products.

Areas of Expertise
Our team at Nesperd Engineering has developed a solid knowledge base in classical physics, electrical engineering and mathematics related to the thin film engineering field throughout our careers. Due to this work we also have the ability to interact with those in other fields such as chemistry, the biological sciences and the specialists in fields such as nanotechnology to bring about change and innovation.

After working years in thin film vacuum deposition where I worked on the development of solar cells, fuel cells and other energy generating and storage technologies, I decided to form Nesperd Engineering in 2012 to commercialize products using the unique understanding of solid-solid interfaces that I acquired.

When should you contact us
We also consult. If you have a problem related to electrical energy generation or storage and are in need of people with expertise in electrostatic simulation to help you understand the details of the problem, then you should contact us. Your goals will become our goals. We will work with you to help you overcome your electrostatic obstacles.

Recent Publications
ESA2008_Proceedings (see paper A4)
ESA2010_Proceedings (see paper K3)
ESA2013_Proceedings (see paper H5)
ESA2014_Proceedings (see paper J3)